Four Must-Have Items for an Elevated Smoking Experience

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The quality of your smoking experience is only as good as the smokeware you have. Well, that and the cannabis you choose. But, for today, let's focus on the smokeware in your kit. There are lots of ways to enjoy cannabis, but you’ll have a hard time getting started without these four items.

Below are our 4 must-have items for an elevated smoking experience: 

A high-quality grinder

Hemlock Rose GrinderConsistency is one of the most critical parts of getting a good grind. Although some people choose to grind their cannabis by hand, we find that it doesn't provide a consistent product. We rely on a four-piece grinder to do the job: one with sharp blades, a holding compartment, and – our favourite – a crystal catcher for the best part of your batch.

A pipe you love

Geo Pipe from StonedwareThere are so many advantages to owning a pipe that you're proud of. A high-quality pipe can last you years (if you take care of it!) and will always be your go-to for an excellent smoking session. Once you find a pipe that matches your style and your smoking preferences, you’ll love using it and sharing with friends. Check out our curated collection of contemporary pipes to find your perfect match.

Pipe screens

We can’t stress enough how important it is to use a pipe screen. We’ve learned from experience: whenever we’re foolish enough to forgo the screen we end up with a mouthful of cannabis crumbs. Gross! The good news? We include a few screens with every pipe order so that you don’t have to think twice about it. 

A sleek lighter

Tsubota Pearl Latitute LighterSure, you can get a basic lighter from your corner store, but does it really match your vibe? Round out your smokeware kit with a beautifully-designed and functional lighter that suits you. Our pick here at Hemlock Rose is the beautiful collection from Tsubota Pearl, which is designed and manufactured in Japan for a reliable and beautiful product you’ll use for years. You can shop our collection of Tsubota Pearl lighters here.

From fashion to furniture, you covet well-designed, high-quality pieces. Your smokeware should be the same. Invest in pieces that reflect you as an individual, that you’re proud to display on your coffee table and share with friends. Shop our collection now. 

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