Holiday Gift Ideas for the Cannabis Connoisseur in Your Life

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Holiday Gift Ideas for the Cannabis Connoisseur in Your Life

This Holiday season is much different than the ones before it. Why? Because cannabis is now legal in Canada - and that will certainly warm up the Holidays! We’ve teamed up HOLR Magazine to help you take the guesswork out of what to gift the cannabis connoisseur in your life. From design-forward pipes to sleek lighters, Hemlock Rose has everything you need to make these Holidays a highly enjoyable one.

 Bird Pipe

Bird Pipe by Love + Destroy ($95)

The Bird Pipe is an elegant and decorative pipe that will always having a presence in your home. Available in gloss black, gloss white, and gloss blush.

GeoPipeGeoPipe by Stonedware ($160)

Find a new angle in your smoking routine with 22K gold. GeoPipes provide a smoking experience that not only feels great in your hand but also looks chic in your home. Available in white/gold and black/white.

 Hudson Pipe

Hudson Pipe by Laundry Day ($80)

The wide smoke chamber design allows the smoke to cool, making for a perfectly smooth smoking experience. Not to mention, the transparent nature of the product creates a fun visual, as well! Available in teal, grey and amber.

 Voltair Pipe

Voltaire Pipe by The Pursuits of Happiness ($100)

Slim, elegant, and practical, the Voltaire pipe features a small compartment in front to pack your material. Mouth pieces are finished in 22K gold. Available in black, red and white.

 One HitterOne Hitters by Wandering Bud x Hemlock Rose ($50)

This gorgeous porcelain one-hitter is a Hemlock Rose exclusive. Embellished with 22K gold, it can easily slip into your pocket or purse and go wherever you go. Available in blush pink and navy blue.

 Pipe and Grinder Starter Set

Starter Set by Hemlock Rose ($85)

The Hemlock Rose Starter Set equips you with the stylish Arden Pipe and Grinder for an elevated smoking session - plus delicious munchies from the Toronto Popcorn Company. Makes an excellent gift! Available in pink and teal.

Pleasure Point Bong 

Pleasure Point by Summerland ($225)

Handmade in California, Pleasure Point is a stylish water pipe and vase in one.
Cross Bar AshtrayCross Bar Ashtray by Love + Destroy ($105)

A minimal yet unique ashtray designed to elevate the smoking experience! Available in polished gold steel and matte black steel. 

 Rolling Tray

Rolling Tray by Wandering Bud x Hemlock Rose ($55)

Embellished in 22K gold, this porcelain hexagon rolling tray blends in with decor and serves as a central location for your smoking essentials. Hemlock Rose exclusive.

Trio Stash Jar Ashtray  The Trio by Awesome Fortress x Hemlock Rose ($70)

The Trio brings design, form and function all together into perfect harmony. This stylish stash jar, ashtray and incense holder in one is a piece that you’ll be proud to display in your home.

Latitude Lighter

Latitude Lighter by Tsubota Pearl ($50)

 The Latitude lighter is the Beyonce of lighters. It’s a piece that you will be proud to own and show off.

 Cedar Stack Candle Boy Smells

Cedar Stack Candle by Boy Smells ($48)

Cedarwood chips and dried tobacco are slightly smoked with bay leaf and crushed peppercorn to create a warm, woodsy smell. Log cabin living in a candle.



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